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We are a Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers of Duct Unit Air Heater. IH Flanged and insert duct unit aie heaters have finned tubular sheathed heaters, secured by mounting bushes into a terminal box, where the heaters can be prewired for a specified number of stages if required.
The Flanged type is supplied complete with a robust, rust resistant metal frame and internally insulated with a non combustible material of thermal conductance not greater than 30 Kw / meter square at 100°C, the insert type with a heavy gauge mounting flange.
We recommend for all duct heating a minimum air velocity of 1 m/s and maximum of 6 m/s . Thermal cutout or manual reset thermostats can be incorporated when specified .
Application :
Forced Air Heating :
Installation for comfort and process air heating
Comfort Heating :
Can be installed in new or old ducts for complete or supplementary heating in central and air-conditioning systems
Process Air Heating :
For complete process air heating , makeup air , and recirculating oven heating for drying , baking and preheating and other industrial processes requiring heated.
Controls :
An adjustable set point over temperature manual reset thermostat, digital controller.

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