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Heater Failure Indicators


We are a Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers of Heater Mimic Panel.

The Heater Mimic Panel is to detect the heaters are operating or not. It is used in the way by connecting number of heaters in series with the C.T. coil each. When the heater is in good condition the LED will glow on front side of the panel. In case of OFF condition or failure of heater (like Insulation weak or discontinuity in heating cable), the front panel LED remains OFF. From this, we conclude that the particular heater is not in working condition.

Functional Check:

230VAC / 5VDC converted power supply is provided. From that, wire has been taken and connected with the positive terminal of the transistor. We can find that all the LED blinks for 1 sec and the particular LED channel will glow continuously that ensure all LED and PCB are healthy. Likewise each channel is checked. If we find any or some of the LED doesn’t glow at the time of functional check, the LED is to be checked.

Operational Check:

Connect all the heaters in series with the C.T. coil. Then, the power supply is switched ON. If the heaters are in healthy, all the LED will glow otherwise particular or some of the LED won’t glow. This condition can also be reversed as per customer’s requirement i.e. the condition LED is ON at heaters is in fault condition and OFF at healthy condition. This type of mimic panel can be used up to 10A of current rating.

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