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INDUSTRIALS HEATORS heat tracer are used for industrials application, such as small diameter pipe, process pipe, valves, fitting of irregular profiles and complicated pipe lengths. They are mainly used for  heating of various industrials mediums such as water, oil, liquid and gases to maintain the temperature of an contents. Our range of tape heater is constructed of a glass braid with overall stainless-steel gives high degree of electrical and mechanical strength. These heat tracer are supplied as  a complete unit termination at one end. No cutting or splicing and making joints at site is required.


            CHARACTERISTICS                                            APPLICATIONS                
                    Maximum operating temperature 150⁰C.              In petrochemical industry for preheating the
                    Operating voltage 240v.                                        Pipelines and maintain the temperature.
                    Highly flexible and rugged knitted design.           Chemical laboratory equipment's.
                    Temperature maintenance.                                    Research & Development.
                    Low watts density design.                                     Many other industries application for trace  
                    output does fall with temperature, giving             Heating of pipe lines.
                    a faster rate of heating.                                          Cold storage & Defrosting on trays.
                    Working temperature can be varied
                    easily by changing set point of temperature


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