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MI Thermocouples

INDUSTRIALS HEATORS offer metal sheathed mineral insulated thermocouples. The product is comprised of a metal sheath in which the thermocouple elements are embedded in a tightly compressed or highly compacted magnesium oxide insulation(MgO). They are many types of thermocouples are J, k, R, S, T, B & E these are used in many types of industries for measuring the temperature and also as controller.
CHARACTERISTIC:                                                    APPLICATION:
         High temperature rating.                                         Heat treating.
         Maximum temperature is -40°C to 1600°C.           Glass Industry.
         Fast Response.                                                        Semi-conductor Industry.
         Compact and Durable.                                            Atomic Research.
                                                                                         Nuclear plant.
For Nuclear application the Thermocouples are offered as per the ASTM E235 standards.

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